Patricia King Institute offers a wide variety of courses and programs from Patricia King as well as many other anointed and respected prophets, apostles, and ministers of the Gospel. Would you like to earn an degree in Supernatural Ministry? Below are are the courses that will take you on a rich journey to an Associate's Degree in Supernatural Ministry (ASM).

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Supernatural Ministry Associate’s Degree

We recommend starting your studies off with "The Glory School" course. It is a rich, solid, scriptural foundation for a supernatural lifestyle as well as an excellent grid for the other required courses.

Required Courses

ELECTIVES (Select Eight)

Each course includes an online test. Upon the completion of your course and the passing of your exams, you will be able to download a certificate of completion for the course.

Scholarships and payment plans are not available, but the curriculum is designed so that you can take courses at your own pace and they do not have to be purchased all at once.

Please note that this is not an accredited degree; you may not be able to transfer these credits to another program.